The BuildBotStatus project - short story on the project and how it happened

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In this new category I will post on the progress on the BuildBot Status BlackBerry 10 App or closely related Topics. As the software development community is international I'll keep all those posts in English language.

This project was never really planned. For about half a year or longer I wanted to start learning how to develop BlackBerry apps and had already the SDK set up. But I never had the time or right motivation to do so. Last week after some beer I had realized that the Buildbot webinterface was not so great in a mobile browser and as it provides a simple JSON API one could built a simple app.

So I started looking at code samples and creating a first prototype. After two evenings the basics were working and I got first insights in the structure of a BlackBerry app. But without any knowledge of C++, Qt or Qml the code got really ugly and so I decided to release it on github as a sample on how not to do it and slowly do incremental improvements on it.

Further detailled information can be found in the Readme of the github repository.

A few days later I showed the working prototype to a fellow student and his first comment was that one should never use HTTP Basic Auth as it sends passwords in clear text. Of course he is right with that point, but an exception should be made when using a SSL encrypted connection.

For simplicity my private buildbot is protected exactly this way, it is running only on a localhost port and is proxied by an Apache via an HTTPS connection. This way it is not only the recommended solution, it is also the most simple and effective way to hide it completely from public access (always remember KISS ;) ).

Therefore when I implement HTTP Basic Auth in my client, it will only be usable on HTTPS connections.